Sunday, 15 November 2015

Kenapa Cik Froggy?

Main reason is because I love collecting Keroppi's stuffs. Tapi aku lebih suka panggil froggy instead of keroppi. :)

You know what? The moment I write this post, I had just found a website selling froggy's stuffs. Wohoooo. Official website wei.

Excited sekejap. All this while, I keep on buying any froggy's stuffs which I found sold in the random shops outside. Usually, I just bought one stuff at one time. So that I would always have froggy's stuffs to buy every time I go outside while chilling and lepaking. Tapi depends on budget jugaklah. Haha.

Another reason is I'm trying to not expose myself. Hopefully la nobody would know who I am. Haha
Bukan aku sorang je yang suka kumpul stuffs macam ni. Ye tak?

Oh ye, kalau ade sesiapa pernah tengok drama kat tv3 "Rindu awak 200%", mesti rasa aku terpengaruh dengan watak Armel tu kan. Sebab dia tu pun suka froggy. Fyi, I dah collect all the froggy's stuffs ni since my foundation studies tau. In 2009. (Guess how old I am?) Haha. Sebelum dorang buat penggambaran drama tu lagi kot. So,siapa ikut siapa eh? Hehek

And basically, it is easier to write anything which comes out from my mind without people know who I am. This kind of freedom I for sure I can't get from Facebook. Kan? :P

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